Made for iPhone

The Made for iPhone hearing lab within Hearing Health Care is a brand new state of the art lab that makes demonstrations of the “Made for iPhone” (MFi) hearing aids possible, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Two new hearing aids are available with the “Made for iPhone” technology – one is the Starkey Halo and the other is the ReSound LiNX². These hearing aids are engineered to connect directly to the iPhone, iPad® and iPod touch® via an easy-to-use app. With this app, you are now able to wirelessly listen to phone calls, music, audio books, podcasts and any other audio signal from your Apple device directly into your hearing aids without the use of any intermediary device.

Our goal at Hearing Health Care is to take the technology programming concerns that you have and help you without the tech speak. This lab will help you get the most of your “Made for iPhone” hearing aids and an Apple device. If if you have never downloaded the app or have yet to Facetime the grandchildren or take a phone call directly into your hearing aids, we are here to help teach you the nuances of this exciting hearing aid technology.

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Introducing... Made for iPhone Hearing Aids.

Avoid further hearing loss.

Avoid further hearing loss.