Protect your investment. Electronics hate moisture, and so do your hearing aids.

Hearing aids and implant equipment are basically tiny electronics, and electronics hate moisture. Whether the result of climate, perspiration, moisture is consistently the most frequent cause of performance problems.

Moisture interferes with electronic circuitry, accumulates on microphones and receivers, clogs tips and tubes. Tell-tale signs are fuzzy or distorted sound, loss of high frequency sounds, intermittency, even all-out failure. Moisture also encourages bacteria – the most common cause of itchy skin and ears. Over time, even microscopic amounts of moisture permanently corrode circuitry, battery contacts, and mechanical parts.

How does it work?

Dry & Store active dryers use a unique combination of technologies – gentle heat, moving air, and a powerful DryBrik® desiccant to permanently remove moisture released during the 8-hour drying process. It also dries earwax for easier removal.

Simply place your hearing devices in your drying unit every night when you go to bed. Wake up to better sound quality, fresh and clean hearing aids. You may also experience longer battery life.

The Dry & Store family of products includes a range of active (electronic) and passive drying systems to meet your particular needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Hearing Health Care is your trusted source for:

Global II Dehumidfier

Global II

Fully-featured conditioning system utilizes gentle heat, moving air, and a DryBrik desiccant. Also includes a powerful UV-C germicidal lamp to kill germs and mold. The best of the best for removing moisture, deodorizing, and sanitizing. (Requires electricity.)

Zephyr Dehumidfier


Same drying technology as the Global II in a smaller size and without the UV-C lamp. Removes moisture and deodorizes. (Requires electricity.)

Dry Caddy Kit

DryCaddy Kit

Non-electrical kit for drying “on-the-go”. The best passive drying system on the market. Utilizes mol sieve desiccant and outperforms silica gel. Kit includes 1 Dry Caddy jar plus 6 DryCaddy Discs, providing a year of protection against moisture damage.

We also carry replacement UV-C lamps and Dry-Brik II

Avoid further hearing loss.

Avoid further hearing loss.