Had been fighting the need for hearing aids for many years (former military pilot), but didn’t qualify for any VA benefits. Finally went thru American Legion/HearPO to get some discount. Selected Hearing Health Care because they represented several different brands of aids, plus had more than one office location (a bigger operation).
Went thru the typical process to verify the hearing loss & selecting the aid which would benefit the most. During the whole process, Dr Pam was very professional, answering my many questions & spending as much time with me as I needed, even when that extra time made her late for her next appointment. Her knowledge & mannerisms gave me complete confidence in her abilities.
The hearing aids I purchased, are a perfect solution. My wife is now speaking much louder & more clearly! Follow-up visits to Dr Pam went smoothly & professionally. I needed an unscheduled appointment because I thought I had a problem, and was readily accommodated into the office schedule. This is a very well run operation.
Because I travel extensively, I also needed care givers around the country, in case I needed special service on the devices or warranty work. The office receptionist worked with Dr Pam to locate & even call on phone, several other hearing specialists that could help me.
You really get your money’s worth at Hearing Health Care.